Install Virtualbox on Ubuntu Linux

We will learn in this tutorial “How to Install Virtualbox on Ubuntu Linux”. Mainly used to run the different OS like Windows and Linux.

In Virtual box is a free and open-source hosted hypervisor for x86 virtualization. We can create a imaginary Hardware and run an OS.

Virtualbox may be installed on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Solaris, and Open Solaris. So we will install Virtualbox on Ubuntu Linux.

So lets install Virtualbox in Linux by two ways.

  1. Install Oracle Virtualbox by Ubuntu repositories.
  2. Install Oracle Virtual box by official website.

How to Install Oracle Virtualbox by Ubuntu Repositories.

So lets install by the Ubuntu repositories, we have to just update the repositories and then we will install Virtualbox.

$ sudo apt update
Install Virtualbox on Ubuntu
Install Virtualbox
$ sudo apt install virtualbox

So we have to type “y” to install the Virtual box, lets run the command via terminal.

Install Virtualbox on Ubuntu
Run Virtual box command
$ virtualbox

So we have to just type Virtual box on the command line terminal, It will appears soon, If you want to install Linux Mint on Virtual box, then follow the link.

So lets move to your second method of installation of Oracle Virtual box.

Installation of Oracle Virtualbox with official website.

Lets Install Oracle Virtual Box by the official website, Download Link.

Install Virtualbox on Ubuntu
Download link.

Click on the Ubuntu 20.04, It will ask to download the Virtual box .deb file.

Download the .deb file

So just save the file and click on “OK”, as we can see the Virtual Box 6.1 .deb package around 86.5 MB, which is going to download.

Download successfully

Now we have download the package successfully, just double click on the .deb file package and it will start installing the Virtual box into Ubuntu.

Install Virtualbox on Ubuntu
Installing .deb file

So the installation part has been started. Once it’s completed we can search the Virtual box into the Search of Ubuntu.

Opened the Virtualbox

So after clicking on the icon the box will be open, and we can create a new machine or we can add a new machines.

Also we can use command line for the installation in Ubuntu, use the dpkg command to install the package.

Suppose you got any dependencies error then use apt install -f to install the dependencies forcefully into your Ubuntu Systems.

So If you want to Install Rocky Linux on Virtual box then follow the link. So we have successfully install VirtualBox in Ubuntu by two methods.

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