Create Directory in Linux with mkdir command.

How to create directory or folder in linux using mkdir commands and options, create a directory in linux with different ways.

atop install CentOS 7 Linux Ubuntu amazon 2 command

atop command install in Linux CentOS, Ubuntu, and in Amazon Linux 2 servers. Find atop command logs path, install atop any version of Linux.

htop command in Linux explained install CentOS Ubuntu.

htop command in Linux, CentOS 7 and Ubuntu explained in detail. htop command is used to monitor real-time Processes in Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu.

Linux top command, top command in Linux/UNIX.

The top command in Linux/Unix is to display or to monitor a dynamic real-time view the Process, Linux top command/Unix top command.

top command output in Linux explained

top command output is explained in detail for the Upper part(Summary display) and the Lower part (FIELDS / Columns Display) which shows the Processes.