PM2 Clustering mode in NodeJS

PM2 clustering mode in Nodejs is used to run the Application with high performance and reliability, Without any changes in your code.

PM2 logrotate config file, daily, install, delete old logs

This post contains PM2 logrotate install, PM2 logrotate config file and setting, PM2 logrotate daily and every day, delete old logs.

Install PM2 on Ubuntu, CentOS, Linux| TasteTheLinux

This POST contains how to Install PM2 on Ubuntu and CentOS in Linux, used to monitor as well as to manage the services of the Node js.

PM2 Commands list, PM2 Commands node Linux

PM2 commands list in a node on Linux is to list the process, view logs, start, stop, restart, delete the process of the node js.

Introduction to Nodejs, Learn Node JS

Today we will see the Introduction to Nodejs and we will learn Node JS. NodeJS is one of my favourite topics, Also it is aRead More

Install Node JS and NPM on Linux (CentOS/Ubuntu)

There is an Install of Node JS and NPM in Ubuntu and CentOS of any version of Node and NPM. Also there is a Quick view of install Node JS and NPM.