Find the Difference! Redhat vs Debian

Introduction Redhat vs Debian.

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This tutorial will “find the difference between REDHAT vs Debian”. Currently, there are more than 300 different distributors for Linux. Linus Torvalds the Man behind the First ever Linux Kernel Released on 17 September 1991.

This Monolithic kernel was written in C programming Language with the Assembly language. In 2020 there are more than 27 million lines of code that are huge.

It is the most used Open Source Operating System. Open source doesn’t mean it’s free! It doesn’t need any Anti-virus like Windows, you can save your money by using Linux.

The Containers, Servers, and Mobile devices are running on Linux. Let’s see the difference between REDHAT and Debian.

Let’s Discuss the difference between REDHAT vs DEBIAN.

Initial release on May 13 1995Initial release on September 1993
It has more than 3000 Packages in the Repository.More than 38000 Packages in the Repository that’s a big Numbers.
It is commercial, you have to take a licence, But the CentOS is FreeIt’s Free for the Support you have to visit their Community and non-commercial
It has many derivatives like Fedora and CentOS.Has also has many derivatives like Ubuntu, and Linux Mint(My Fav One!).
It has more stability than the Debian Family, Because has the support of 10 years. It is also Stable but not more than the REDHAT Family Because has the Support of only 2 years.
RPM-based package Manager, to install any package you have to use the rpm command.deb. based package Manager, If you want to install any package in this family then you have to use the dpkg command.
If we have to install the dependencies then use the yum command. when we have to download any package from the Internet.Install the dependencies with the apt command. When we have to download any package from the Internet.
The Center of Interest is Server Platforms.Desktop Platforms is the Center of Interest.
Community Support URLs REDHAT CentOSCommunity Support URLs Debian Ubuntu Linux Mint

So if you are new to Linux then try different distros and let us know in the comment section. which distro do you love the most and why? You can refer to the Linux Basic commands.


So we have learned the difference between Redhat and Debian. Which command to used while installing the packages. The centre of interest at Redhat and Debian. The community they support. The derivatives for the Redhat and Debian. Any issues or feedback leave a comment.

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