MySQL error code 1298, Slave incorrect timezone.

‘MySQL error code 1298, Slave Unknown or incorrect timezone: ‘Asia/Calcutta’ ‘ on the query. Default database: ‘tastethelinux’. Query ….. you will find more detail in the Screenshot

MySQL error code: 1298 Slave Unknown or incorrect timezone.

So, now the scenario was we have successfully established the connection between Master and Slave in MySQL, now after that, the SQL was restoring its remaining relay-log-files at that time I got the error “1298 Slave Unknown or incorrect timezone”.

So for the solution, we had used the below command

#mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo/| mysql -u root mysql -p

That’s great the issue has been solved!

You can look into the screenshot what the output do we get

this command will load the timezone into the MySQL Database

So, this command will load the timezone into the MySQL database after executing the command.

Now we will start and stop the slave by using a following commands


That’s worked for me, with no error in the log file of MySQL slave server.

The question is “what is mysql_tzinfo_to_sql”, “What will be in that /usr/share/zoneinfo”?

So, the mysql_tzinfo_to_sql is a program that loads the time zone tables into the MySQL databases.

And the /usr/share/zoneinfo contains the information of the world timezone like Asia, America, Australia and many more this all stored in binary.

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