How to Install GIT on ec2 AWS Linux.

Hello friends, Ashish on the behalf of Tastethelinux, will present “how to install GIT on ec2 AWS Linux.”

What is GIT?

GIT is the Version control system used to manage the source code of an application. GIT is where many developers can work on the same source code with the Sync.

The main advantages of the GIT are that we can merge the source codes, revert the code, also we can manage the different version controls.

We can create the GIT repositories for the Application and keep the repo’s on GitLabGitHubBit bucket, and many more.

Install GIT on ec2 AWS Linux

We will use two ways to Install Git in ec2 AWS. Both the ways are a little bit different from one another.

  1. Install GIT on ec2 AWS via the command line.
  2. Install GIT on ec2 AWS via Source Code.

How to Install GIT on ec2 AWS Linux via Command Line.

Let’s update the repositories on ec2 linux first, and then we will install GIT.

$ sudo dnf update -y

After updating the repositories, we will use the dnf command for the installation.

$ sudo dnf install git -y

So the above command will download the GIT with its dependencies packages and install all the required packages for GIT.

Once installed, we will check the version for the GIT, by using the git command on the terminal.

$ git --version

OUTPUT: git version 2.27.0

The Output “git version 2.27.0” is the git version installed via “dnf command”, let’s install via Source Code

How to Install GIT on ec2 AWS Linux via Source Code.

So let’s install git via source code then we have to download the git source from GitHub, but before that, we have to install some of the dependencies.

$ sudo dnf install gettext-devel openssl-devel perl-CPAN perl-devel zlib-devel gcc autoconf -y

So, we have downloaded some library packages, now download the git source code via the wget command

Git download URL

So, first I visit to and right click on the tar.gz and select the “Copy link address”.

Then copied link will be used with the wget command to download the GIT source file.

Install Git on CentOS Linux
Download the GIT source code
$ wget

Once the source code gets download then we will extract the source code via the tar command.

Extracting Source Code for GIT
$ tar -zxvf v2.32.0.tar.gz

So after that extract, the package. Now go into the folder, and compile the package.

$ cd git-*
$ sudo make prefix=/usr/local all

Once we have done the compilation successfully, we will install all the packages.

$ sudo make prefix=/usr/local install

After that just create a soft link to use the GIT command, if not created it will give the error “git command not found”

$ sudo  ln -s /usr/local/bin/git /usr/bin/git

After creating the soft link will check the version for the GIT.

$ git --version

OUTPUT: git version 2.32.0

Configure GIT on the Local System.

To configure GIT on the local system, we will use the config option with the git command.

$ git config --global "tastethelinux"

So we have configured the username for the git, now configure the user email ID with the parameter “”.

$ git config --global "[email protected]"

By using the –list option, you can check the configured user name and email ID.

$ git config --list

[email protected]

You can configure and then take the clone of your repository and use the GIT. Comment to me in the comment section if you face any difficulties.

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